Using Instagram Stories In Proficient Manner To Promote Business

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For all the socially engaged businesses, IG stories will always offer box fresh vehicles for promoting brand, products and even services. Are you talking about an Instant hit? Stories are known to sail to around 100 million daily active users within the first two months of the launch. Now the question is how you are going to use stories for promoting business. Well, let’s find out the answer. You can get it right and you might even engender followers with extra dollop of just affinity with brand. It helps in building loyalty and encourages future sales.

Know about the IG Stories:

IG stories see FB backed photo giant taking over Snapchat. It will allow the users to just collage videos and picture footages into some short slideshows, which can always be overlaid with graphic, text and emojis. You can get some more clear ideas on that and some more once you have logged online at for some help. You won’t regret making this decision of clicking this link for additional information for sure.

Once you have already uploaded a story, the content will be up for 24 hours and then will disappear automatically. So, as the videos and photos you want to publish to profit will forever be found out by anyone willing to look for them. The stories, on the other hand, are always ephemeral and will only be visible for limited time only. Once they are gone, they are actually not to be found. It will provide you with the opportunity to try to be more playful and even informal with marketing content, just as you have asked for it. There are some proven ideas for you to use IG stories for promoting business.

Always take some time to get your followers behind the scene:

What you don’t know is that you will be surprised on how interested people are actually whenever it was about peeping behind curtain!

  • In this era, where people are actually skeptical of the traditional marketing, there is always an honesty on just peeling off layers off and just taking audience behind scene.
  • It can be anything from the glimpse of the current office gym or just a look at the bolts and nuts production line.
  • It can even be a time lapse view of your current stand going up at industry event. It is a great way to make your followers feel just like insiders.

Checking on product guides and some proven demonstrations:

Always remember that a little bit of quirkiness can always go a long way, especially in this field of memorable marketing. The temporary based nature of the IG stories will always offer you with the idea to just showcase products in a much different light for sure.

Teasers of any new or the upcoming items:

Are you actually trying to launch a new product? If so, then you can just tease your potential customers or followers with a story. You can even let the biggest followers just spread word on your current behalf.

  • It is a great way to just build a buzz for your company, which can eventually end up in the growth.
  • If you want, you can further feed the hype machine.
  • Moreover, trough the stories, you can actually give away just one or two more things or features about the killer new update of your item or service.

Best way to promote the next big event:

Are you actually holding a webinar? Do you have any plans to host a conference? Are you actually inviting customers for that much awaited networking event? No matter whatever the case might be, it is time for the people to just know more about it.

  • IG stories are the perfect platforms for you to get your message straight and in a loud and quite a clear voice.
  • There is not going to be any fuss or any kind of frill, as these stories are straight and always with a clear message.
  • All you have to follow is not being way too much sales-ship.

At the end of all, it is all about asking people to get engaged with you for all your future stories. It won’t work in this manner if you actually expect to add a sales pitch.

Try live blogging the event:

So, you have made out the min to hold that seminar on history of hemline or in whatever arena you want to be an expert in. This can be associated with the WordPress area as well. You can add this to sense of occasion and just engage some of the non-attendees by just taking them behind the current scene, as mentioned before. Yes, it might be way too late for adding the audience tally, but there is nothing just as giving people a bit of FOMO for just encouraging sign-ups for the next time when you are trying to promote any event.

Time to flash sales and also some of the limited offers:

Are you trying to look for great ways for rewarding your followers and their constant support? For that platform based flash sales on products can always act in a great way. If you want, you can also announce some of the offers, which are actually too good for you to miss. For that, you can use the power of the Instagram stories for encouraging followers to pay some razor sharp attention to content, that you are planning to publish. Just make it a point to not overdo it.

Adding some Q&A Sessions:

A perfect and slick edit of the 10 minutes of Q&A with the CEO will definitely help in adding that human touch to business. You can always try to cut in some of the shots of the services or products for ensuring that your brand message can hit homes.

These are some of the points for you to consider when you are planning to add Instagram stories to promote your business. There are some more to it. Start using the IG stories for better understanding.

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