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The Role of UX/UI in Running any Business Online

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If you are a proud owner of an online business, such as sales and E-commerce, but you are not getting a good response, favorable business or even customers; you are really lacking somewhere. Sometimes it is not about the niche or nature of your business which you think can be outdone with a little patience, but the user experience of your product or service.

User experience is directly relational to the success and growth of an online business. It is not only restricted to what the user feels, if a feedback is appreciated, it directly affects the performance of any product which is ultimately awarded in success. Today, business is all about generating sales and marketing in order to determine what a consumer likes in a certain product. It drives a sense of emotion, which in turn builds trust and results into more Re-business.

In this digital media era, businesses largely depend on the satisfaction of the customer. If they are happy with the product and services, your business will definitely grow. Consumers will even love to come back to your products for up gradation, and will sometimes recommend your services and products to their circle. They can even advertise for you which is the best form of mouth publicity.

The growth of IT industry with UX

Corporations and industries who had the best technological capabilities used to be successful in generating business in the early stages. But when the user experience and usability of services came in the picture, more companies became technically capable. Hence the companies that were advanced with usable products, took control of the business in that period.

The next generation companies implemented usability with a though of technology. By providing better user experience with great technological capabilities, they are winning the hearts of users and the business with it.

UI and UX difference

UI or user interface is the factor that contributes to the experience of the user whereas the experience itself is UX. Take an example of any travel industry website. Let’s consider cheap flights Copenhagen as an example. The services provided by it such as reservations, accommodations, tickets and more are the UI, whereas the feeling that is generated by the consumer after using the product or services, is the UX. In other words, we can say that the method to communicate or use is UI, and the feel and experience of the user are UX.

Competition factor

In any online business, everything is at high stakes as the competition is over the moon. Competition is always one click away from you and even a minor issue with your platform can be the cause of customer going to your competition.

Even after the purchase, if the user or customer doesn’t feel to get proper customer care or satisfaction with your product or service, they will never hesitate to switch to any other website for a better experience.

Customer satisfaction is of the biggest concern of any business owner, and UI/UX plays a crucial role in that. If customers are happy, not only they will return again to shop on the same website, they will also acquire more customers with publicity.

Starting point

When you have started working on your website, you need to make your web or app usability self-agreement. You need to hire user interface and user experience experts. Then plan a user journey from UX to UI and map it according to the requirements for completing user research.

Characteristics of UI/UX

To make your user’s experience out of the ordinary, you need to focus on how to make your digital product easy to use. When a customer will use it, it will not only force them to return on the same platform but also recommend it to others. Following are some characteristic features you may need to consider to run an online business successfully:

  • Simplicity
  • Precision
  • Opinion
  • Reaction time
  • User support
  • Assistance
  • Compromise

Importance and business impacts

Analysis of different business and E-commerce websites have shown that a website is either rejected or selected due to its design. UI/UX plays an important role in determining the success and failure of any website. If a website fails to satisfy a customer, it becomes very difficult for it to reemerge from the ashes to become successful again. It is important to research and implement the correct UI/UX before launching a website. A good and simple to use website is a great place to shop for everyone, as the understanding and technical abilities of each individual is different.

It has become a fact that technical and difficult to use things are always discouraged from the society. Not just websites, but also software, apps, games, and even other things in our lives are rejected just because they were too difficult to understand and use, no matter how helpful and useful they were. For this reason, it is recommended to build something easy to grip. It is also going to affect the sales directly. When a user experience is good, it will be a profitable business; and if not, well you must try to correct it before it gets too late.

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