Simple Guide to VPN – How it Works


VPN – In simple words we say, It is a Virtual Private network (may be you heard that term). But, what exactly is it, how does it work?

Well, we are talking about VPN. So at first, I will tell how the internet works! Hope, you have a router mode on from your telephone company from your ISP that connected to your Desktop via Ethernet cable. Then, whenever your phone or laptop is connected to your router, then this is we can say a small Private Network. Then when you visit a website and this is connected to their server it is known for Virtual Private Network (VPN). Now your modem has assigned with an IP address of the website you have visited before.

The IP addresses are assigned in blocks, so if you have an IP address all of your neighbors and other areas, will have the same IP address within the same block. So, it is easily found out that, where you are from at least they know from which city you are. There are some pros and cons of VPNs, let’s take a look at it.

Pros –

  • Access the Not known, Location Restricted websites
  • Download the files with fast speed
  • No more security issues
  • Different IP address

Cons –

  • Not secure for Payments
  • Shopping
  • Speed is too low on VPNs
  • Ads (Annoying)

Interesting Facts about VPN –

This also comes under the Pros of VPN, Suppose If I want to watch a particular movie from a particular country, and I don’t have access to it. Then, we can simple connected to the VPN and start accessing the content of this website. Here are so many VPNs, available on Internet so, which one is the Best VPN for your device. The VPNs are available on every single platform like Windows, Mobiles (Android or IOS), also for Browsers like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

how to use vpn free

Other interesting and hidden facts about VPN, when you are trying to buying an Aero plane tickets, and if your VPN is on then, you can buy the ticket from the different price, depending from which country you are connected to the VPN. Yes, it is possible to book the tickets at the cheap price with help of VPN.

VPN helps you to make a tunnel, make a connection from your home computer to a server somewhere else in the world, that connection is encrypted and then, when I try visiting the internet it connected me through the tunnel and then it go to the website I want to access.

So, using a VPN makes your network more secure and fast.

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