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One test necessary for college admission in the US is the SAT test. This is a standardized test that serves an admission standard for all colleges and universities. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an entrance test at the undergraduate level for students wishing to study abroad.

The number of questions

In the SAT test, the candidate is tested for reading, writing, and mathematics skills. He or she has to answer a total of 154 questions in 230 minutes without the essay. The essay is optional and you get 50 minutes to write the one question in this section. It will help you if you join one of the oldest and top SAT institutes in Delhi and get trained. They offer many types of coaching. You can pick the one that suits your learning style.

Prepare well and begin early

It is important to break up your studies into regular class work and SAT prep time. One needs to spend only one month prep time. With the help of a good coaching institute, you should be able to crack it with ease. But, if you do not allocate some time to this, you will not end up doing as well as you hoped to. That said, first get used to the test question pattern. This is important because it will keep your mind prepared to answer questions. Though you know the syllabus well, if your mind is not open to the type of questions that they ask in the SAT exam, you will end up losing time.

Breakup of the questions

In the first Evidence based reading and writing section, you have 100 minutes in which to answer 96 questions. In this 52 questions are for the reading test for which you will get 65 minutes. The other 35 minutes is to answer 44 questions in the writing and language part. To know more about it, check the centers giving coaching in SAT test preparation Delhi and if you are interested enroll yourself.

Answering the mathematics part

In the other Mathematics section, you have 80 minutes with two parts. One part is where calculator use is allowed and in the other it is not. In the part where the calculator is not allowed, you have to answer 20 questions in 25 minutes. In the other 55 minutes where the calculator is allowed, you have to answer 38 questions. A good SAT score depends on the university you are aiming to join.

Average SAT scores for various universities

The average SAT scores for Harvard and Yale is 1480-1600. Brown University had 1410-1570 while Columbia University had 1460-1580. So, if you get 1500, you were sure to be in the reckoning for a top university in the US. Junior school students take the test in anticipation of the one they will take the next year. Senior school students need to take the test to get admission into college. The SAT exam is offered seven times a year in the US. Out of US, international students can attempt the exam four times in the year.

SAT is developed, owned, and published by the College Board. This is a private non-profit organisation in the US. The SAT test is administered to test how ready a candidate is for college.

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