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It could be that the entrepreneur is planning to avail elearning development for his organization. But prior to starting on the project, it will be necessary to find out if the organization does require its implementation or not. Is the organization planning to procure or design custom developed elearning. Whatever be the case, undertaking personalized elearning development project is sure to be a challenging task. By getting to know the foundation by which elearning gets designed, meticulous planning can ensure successful project. But there are some considerations to be made when developing custom elearning project.

The person can choose a vendor to undertake this project or perform it in-house as the budget permits or expertise availed. Using the best elearning tools will help to complete the elearning development process quickly derive the best results.

Factors which define success of the custom elearning project

  • Staying within the budget
  • Clear definition with respect to project scope and goals
  • Timely completion of project and meeting of defined delivery date
  • Elearning supporting IT infrastructure
  • Sufficient and suitable resources
  • Defined evaluation procedure after program delivery
  • Positive learner response towards learning program

Besides the above, it will be useful to have in place the following variables, so as to establish correctly the success to enjoy sure success:

  • Stakeholder commitment and support
  • Early belief and support form senior management

On identifying the contributing factors of success in the business, it will be necessary to initiate the “buy-in” and support from all the concerned players.

Elearning development phase

Five major phases are reported below along with their sub-tasks:

  • Planning:
    • Identifying and collection of project requirements
    • Project milestone and schedule
    • Script development
    • Stakeholder approval and subject matter review
    • High level content design
    • Initiating of program needs and technical infrastructure assessment process
  • Design:
    • Stakeholder approval and subject matter review
    • Animation and graphic design
  • Development:
    • QA & testing
    • Course development within authoring environment
  • Delivery & deployment
  • Evaluation

Within the elearning project, to come up with realistic development schedule, it is important to work backwards right from desired completion date. Determining when training program is to be made ‘live’ clearly establishes the development process length. It also ensure addressing the above given steps.

After determining the completion date, planning stage is the next crucial step to be taken. It will be essential to identify the person who is to be included within the project and understand his role. Then it is essential to identify project goals and objectives as well as documentation and requirements identification. This early phase will include all these steps along with an assurance of all the organization areas being covered in it. This will actually determine the progress and success of the project.

Project kick-off

Kick-off meeting is to be held to initiate a project, considered to be the project’s official start. Project schedule also gets reviewed during this meeting and the stakeholders are called onboard to ensure speeding up the project. The risk factors need to be addressed, while the project requirements approved and reviewed. Choosing the e-learning and development tools is equally crucial to ensure top quality custom development.

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