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Mobile friendly website design is also known as responsive website design. This is because a website page has to respond to the tiny screens of mobile devices such as smartphones. The site pages adapt to the screens in order to show up the images and text selectively and clearly on the screens for a better user experience. A company providing services regarding mobile friendly website design in India has the right design solutions for creating special web pages that respond to the small screens. Such a site does not require frequent resizing, scrolling, and panning.

India has hundreds of website designers who are fully equipped with the latest technologies to create responsive websites. They can design with HTML 5 and CSS3 to consolidate web traffic. These sites provide better SEO ranking. These companies create a specific and unique web design that fits well on multiple devices.

The need for responsive websites

A perfectly designed responsive website is helpful in enhancing the conversation rates. With such a site, your business can have customer traffic from across the world. You can thus make your business presence felt globally.  Here are some reasons to have responsive website design.

  • A smart decision. At first, cost of a responsive website design may appear to be expensive. This is because you have to design a separate mobile website. But ultimately, in the future, the decision proves to be beneficial when you start getting customers from all over the world.
  • The future is mobile – Mobile browsing is the future for searching and shopping of products. Your customers are most likely to visit your website using mobile phones as these devices come handy on the move. They can access product details and other details on their finger-tips.
  • Higher mobile search ranking – Responsive websites have an edge over your conventional desktop websites when it comes to ranking a website. Google gives preference to responsive websites in ranking. So, it is always advisable to have a dynamic version of your business website that works well on desktop and mobile platforms.

The right approach to designing mobile friendly websites

A company dealing in mobile-friendly website design in India adopts a step by step approach so that its every aspect is completed systematically.  It would be good if you create a mobile site first and then scale up to build the tablet and desktop website designs. So, if your logo and text are easily visible on mobile devices, then it will automatically be clearly seen on desktop and tablets.

At Content planning is a crucial step in designing a responsive website. Make the content more readable. Also, before you do the coding, make sure that the complete layout of the interface is in place. This is the right way to show your clients the website-look they want. Make sure that the buttons are larger for mobile websites. But the website should be simple and functional.

When it comes to navigational menus, it is recommended to hide it due to the smaller size of the mobile screens. Instead, use a combination of text and an icon that works as an indication of the menu for the users. You can also think of using a drop-down menu or go for a menu that expands to cover the screen.

There are many aspects that a professional of mobile-friendly website design in India covers to give you a site specifically for your business. But compare many such companies for their affordable pricing packages if your small business is on a tight budget. There are many competitive responsive website designers who are budget friendly.

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