MacBook Air Review: The Best You Can Get within 60,000 INR


MacBook, a product of Apple is hugely famous and popular among people due to its low maintenance, beautiful aesthetics and more features as compared to the other laptops. Pleasing to the eye, with less troubleshooting problems and an overall interactive interface it is one of the best selling laptops today. The only hindrance that majority of people face while buying this laptop is of its price. Being an Apple product, it is pricier than the rest of its counterparts available in the market, but even that has been overcome now with the new Apple MacBook air MQD32HN/A that was launched in 2017. With features at a price that will put any other laptops to shame, it is one the best selling laptops in India that works well, looks great and most of all is easy on the pocket.

As per iPremiumIndia, an Apple repairing center from Bangalore,  it is the best laptop to buy under 60,000 INR

This MacBook Air is priced at INR 57000 and has the following features :

  1. This laptop MacBook air has a battery life of about 12 hours on a single charge when used frequently and up to 30 days to standby time so that people don’t have to bother with a charger everywhere they go.
  2. It has the highest and the most recently launched macOS system integrated within itself. MacOS brings forward new technologies and enhanced features to the MacBook.
  3. It is powered by fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. This super-efficient structure was created to deliver high performance while simultaneously using less power.
  4. One of the Prime features of the MacBook Air is that it is thin, fast and powerful. With a 1.7cm slim body design and the weight of only 1.35 kilos, it encloses such power that everything from applications to system is ultra fast.
  5. It has fifth generation Intel i5 and i7 processors with Intel HD graphics 6000 so that it is up for any task from browsing to editing photos or videos to be done on it
  6. The SSD storage in this MacBook air is up to 17 times faster than a 5400rpm notebook hard drive so that everything done on it is by lightning speed. It even wakes up fast because of its SSD storage and fifth generation Intel core system.
  7. It can be connected instantly to an 802.11ac base station that includes airport extreme or airport time capsule. It can help one get wireless performance up to three times faster than the Wi-Fi generation that was previously available in the previous laptops.

With all these fantastic features and an affordable price, MacBook air is undoubtedly one laptop that can be bought with ease. Also because of, its features that match all the high end more expensive laptops it is even a better choice for all the people who require a good and sound notebook to work on. With its fifth generation Intel core processors and other smart and efficient features, it contains a remarkable amount of power within itself while weighing next to nothing.

What to do if your Macbook Air does not function properly?

Macbook Air comes with warranty of 1 year. So, if you face any issue, you can get it fixed with Apple customer care free of cost. Post one year, you can take them to any Macbook repair shop. There are many Macbook repair stores in Bangalore and other cities. It should not be an issue. You will find many.

So, without any further adieu, get a Macbook Air for yourself today.

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