Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Software – Opt to Export NSF File


The technical world has seen a steep incline towards Microsoft Office 365 in a recent past as many users from the corporate world have moved towards Office 365. By offering useful services at a great time, Office 365 has attracted many users to move to its own platform from IBM Notes and other email applications. Thus, many users migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365 which gives rise to many related tasks. As the organization’s data is most valuable for them, so they need a solution using which they can easily transfer their data without any data loss. Therefore, this post describes the Domino to Office 365 migration tool using which they can easily export their data.

Before finding out the conversion process, we should first discuss the reasons due to which the users / organizations decide to switch their email platform from NSF to Office 365.

I was using Lotus Notes from a long time and it was a good experience. But, now I thinking to move my mailbox data to cloud (Office 365) as it has several other features as well and it is also easy to use. Now, I want to move my data but don’t know the procedure. Can anyone please help me out to migrate Domino to O365 account in a simple way?

Factors Responsible for Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

There are multiple reasons due to which the organizations want to move their mailbox data to some other email application but we have discussed the most common factors in the following segment:

  • The Exchange Online offers various useful features which helps in increasing business productivity.
  • The maintenance cost of Microsoft Office 365 is less as compared to that of IBM Notes / Domino.
  • Users should have some technical expertise to operate Lotus Notes efficiently.
  • IBM Notes has a steep leaning curve.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Effortlessly

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 Effortlessly

There is a secure and reliable solution using which users can perform the conversion effortlessly. SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator provides users with an option to export complete mailbox data into Exchange Online account without any data loss. The advanced features of the tool which makes it unique from other applications are mentioned below:

  1. Export Lotus Notes / Domino to O365 – The users can perform direct conversion from NSF to Microsoft Office 365 account with ease. It only requires working Lotus Notes / Domino server environment to carry out the task. The mailbox mapping option enables users to copy the mailbox data.
  2. Complete Mailbox Conversion – The Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration software allows users to transfer entire mailbox data including emails, calendar, contacts, etc. It can export every single item with the help of mailbox mapping.
  3. Option to Move Selective Data – Although users can transfer complete data at one time, but there is also an option to export selected data as well. If the users wants to convert only the emails, then they can check the desired item and only that item will be migrated from Domino to Office 365.
  4. Transfer Multiple Lotus Notes Accounts – If the users have several Exchange Online accounts created under a single domain, then this software provides an option to choose any NSF file or Domino mailbox to any user account created under same domain. This functionality is available in the business license of the tool.
  5. Different Office 365 Domains – If you have the enterprise license of the Lotus Notes to O365 migration software, then you can convert your NSF file or Domino Server data into multiple Exchange online accounts created under different domains.
  6. Eliminate Duplicate Contacts – You can also remove the duplicate contacts from the NSF file while performing the conversion process. It is an optional feature, so you just have to check/uncheck the option to enable this option.
  7. Option to Filter Mailbox Data – Another advanced feature of the Domino to O365 migration tool is that users can apply filters to transfer data from a specified time interval. It will help users to convert data only from the required time frame.


After discussing all the points that we have discussed in this post, we have come to a conclusion that SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration software is one of the best solutions to export the NSF file / Domino mailbox data into O365 account. The advanced features offered by the tool makes it even more simple and efficient to perform the conversion process.

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