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How to Get your Content Published on Forbes, Huffington and Business Insider

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When you first have a look at anything, you end up creating an image for it. First impression is the last impression – we all have grown hearing this phrase. In the present day of high-tech world, we all are smitten by the virtue of internet. No matter where we go, dependency on the web space cannot be ignored. This, in turn, has brought a drastic change in the way people indulge in shopping spree or looked for certain services. The assumptions of human rationality as a key driver in the process of decision making have been challenged.

When you look at a thing for the first time, it sets up your subsequent opinions. If the first look at the company makes you think that it is inept, you might assume everything else they do is also inept. If your business is new then building reputation when you have neither much capital nor brand recognition is not at all easy.

Well, gaining traction in your area of business is crucial, however you cannot just wait around for influencers to let your brand get discovered and rave about it. Although getting your business counted among the top is lofty, however it is attainable. Once you are able to successfully do this, you can be assured to enjoy amore solid reputation, more online followers, and better brand visibility, perhaps interest from new investors, recruiting talent becomes easy and better web traffic.

To success in attaining the media coverage you are looking for your business requires you to have a well-planned strategic approach comprising of a healthy mix of tactics and techniques peculiar to your industry and brand. However, gaining media attention is one of the best ways to get immediate results in the form of an influx of backlinks from renowned journalists and publications, high-ranking search engine results, and new Twitter followers.

Have you ever thought how top-tier businesses stay at the top of the game? They have a team of highly experienced and expert content marketing professionals. Here we bring to you a roundup of the some of the top content sites and how you can get content published.

On Forbes

There are many experts who have written and published several articles on Forbes.  Until a few years back, writers used to write on a range of topics. However, now they prefer to stick to the particular area of expertise. Also, those who write on Forbes post directly on the site, thus it will not have to pass through an editor first. Editors might make some minor modifications after publication, and in case writer veers too sharply off-topic then posts might be taken down completely.

Here are a few waysin which you can publish on Forbes.

You can mail a complete article, irrespective of the length, to for consideration on their top pages. Remember that this content has to be exclusive to Forbes and original. In case, you have published this article on some other site then they will reject it.

It might take several businesses to get your content reviewed. If a week passes by and there is no response from them, you can assume they have no interest in it, and thus try to publish it somewhere else.

If you want to post regularly on Forbes, you can apply through Google Form. Along with your contact information, you would be asked for the details of your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Also you have to link examples of your previously written content and explain what makes you qualified to have the page envision.

On Huffington Post

Huffington Post is yet another most popular platform where writers want their content to be published. Well, it is very difficult, but not impossible.

Given that Huffington Post is one of the primary “authority” publications where content marketers and business owners want to publish. This particular website has phenomenal SEO power helping your content rank much higher.

Do research. Craft your pitch on the basis of what top bloggers in your area of interest write. Keep it short and simple while emphasizing the captivating parts of your idea. In order to submit your post on Huffington Post, you have to fill a Google Form similar to the one Forbes has. There is a blank on the post for the final write-up that you include on the form. Remember that there will be no response from the Huffington Post if they are not interested in publishing your draft.

On Business Insider

When it comes to publishing content on Business Insider, you need to have some new and creative idea. Along with stories related to celebrities, technology and business, Business Insider also run compelling profile pieces that can be an option to consider in case you have a gripping story to tell.

If you want your content published on the Business Insider then the first thing you should think is – How to contribute to The Business Insider Page. You do not have to submit a pitch but the final draft of your content to In addition to the content, make sure the content has a brief bio, headline and links to other content written by you. If they like your content and are interested, they will get back to you.

Other options of publication

Another option that you might consider for content publication is a site such as Medium. At present, it is counted among the most preferred platforms and has large audience base. Also, republishing is a simple way of copying and pasting.

There are many people who worry about Google penalizing them for publishing “duplicate content” however that penalty might not mean what you believe it is. Google has no issues when you syndicate your content on several sites, and will present the version it believes is apt for each researcher, though that might not be the version preferred by you. It also recommends a link back to the original article in the syndicated content.

Site like Medium only needs you to create an account for publishing content there, and you can easily create account with Google, Facebook and Twitter or with your email.

Republished or Content posted on Medium gets traction on the basis of the interest and engagement it gains, and length of article is flexible. Prior to publishing anything, you should carefully read the instructions on the official Medium Blog just to get an idea of what is trending on the platform.

After all, you put in all lots of efforts to create engaging and powerful content. For sure, you want to reach out to maximum largest audience. Definitely, it is not at all easy to get your article published on Forbes or Huffington Post however it can be done in case you follow different sites’ guidelines carefully and submit draft that resonated with their readers.

If you are serious to get your content published on any of these above mentioned sites then you have to just adhere to the instructions. Content marketing can make a world of difference to your SEO campaign.

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