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How to create a blog with posts that generate conversions?

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More and more companies have understood the importance that content marketing plays an important role in your digital marketing strategies. However, the recurring question remains there regarding the value of “Blog Page” creation. There’s a lot of discussion that’s moving among the bloggers & the marketers are to how to create a blog page that increases the number of organic visits, improves conversions and at the same time shows the brand as a reference.

Some of the digital marketing experts consider that a shorter content or a blog post can be much effective than an extensive one. However, to clear this concept the digital marketing & it support services maryland highlights & explain some important issues of this sector.

1 – Is the content vital in conversion?

It’s while ago that most of the experienced blogger have understood that blog is a valuable weapon to increase website visits & improve brand awareness. Increasing organic traffic and being able to share articles on social networks was enough.

But, the content goes further and can be used in mailings campaigns, for example. Currently, the search for conversions is added to all of the above. Do we want someone to subscribe to a newsletter, download an ebook or close a purchase? There are different points that the blog help to achieve.

2 – What does your audience want to read?

It is useless to create a blog where the content of each note does not interest anyone. You must focus on what the user needs, in giving solutions to problems they may have. If your company sells healthy food through the web, the blog can add value by talking about topics such as:

  • 5 types of salads that you will love
  • 10 foods rich in healthy fats
  • Why are nuts a good alternative?
  • How to combine fruits in your breakfast

Indirectly, the brand is supporting its products in a blog that seeks that their customers or leads learn and know about healthy foods. If people are given something that is truly aligned with their interests, they will read it.

3 – Deliver premium content to get more subscribers

When thinking about how to create a blog you should not forget to create extra materials to blog posts. Continuing with the previous example of a healthy food company, in addition to the articles you can deliver free ebooks a little more extensive that refer to a particular topic.

This way you can send the user to a Landing Page where there will be a form that you will have to fill out and thus you will get useful information from the person.

4 – Do not miss CTA (Call To Action)

Do you want the reader to do something? Tell him, without turns. The architecture of the site or blog should be adequate to lead the user to perform an action, but it is always good to give help to make it so.

What many do when applying the Inbound Marketing methodology in blog content is to place the action calls at the end of each article. If the idea is that the person, in addition to reading the post, download the ebook “Habits and healthy food for the summer”, a striking graphic with an interesting copy and a button that says “I want it now” or “Download ebook” can be valid options for the conversion to be generated.

5 – Use the sidebar of the blog to attract subscribers:

The right part of the blog can be used to add graphics or forms so that whoever visits the blog will subscribe and receive more content. Also, pop ups are usually used that open in the middle of the screen but are much more invasive and can have the opposite effect: that the user leaves the post.

Now you know how to create a blog that helps you improve conversions and achieve better results for your brand. Do you know other ways to increase the number of customers/subscribers?

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