Compare SEO with ASO

How to Compare SEO with ASO

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Why App Store Optimization is Important

According to Statista Source, in  iTunes Connect More than 2 million apps are available while  3,3 million apps are offered by Google Play Store in addition. In that way, the competition has become very fierce.

By fighting with such a fierce competition, the App Store Optimization is increased downloads and the number of users.

Search Engines

In SEO, we have to play for the ranking of website keywords on search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing etc. Similarly in app store optimization (ASO) our target are apple app store and Google Play store in order to improve the downloading of app.

On Page

As an SEO, the on-page is the combination of multiple factors such as site speed, mobile friendly & responsive, content, site structure and internal linking.  The same thing sare translated at ASO which are as follows:

  1. Title: In SEO, we have to create the title tag according to the targeted keyword and page content. Same as in ASO by defining the app in terms of title.
  2. Header Tag:We target keywords in heading of page such as h1, h2, h3 etc. On the other hand, the same thing is appealed at description.

iii. Page Speed, Usage and Quality Metrics: For website we have to consider the site speed especially on mobile devise. The same thing we have to consider on App as usage rate and other quality metrics such as acquisition, engagement, retention

  1. Bounce Rate and Uninstall rate: From SEO point of view, the engagement on the website is so much necessary. In SEO the digital marketer strive hard to reduce the bounce rate of traffic. In ASO the same thing is performed to prevent from app uninstallation

 Off-Page Optimization

Like SEO, the ASO is also required off page optimization. But in ASO different ways and techniques are used by the ASO optimizer. The main purpose of off page optimization is link popularity for both SEO and ASO. It means how much web pages across the World Wide Web are connected with your site.

Links and Backlinks: In SEO we use some links building methods such as guest post, article submission and local business listings sites. Same thing in ASO translate as App reviews sites where you can submit your app.

Anchor Text, Ratings and Reviews: Websites links with external sites with anchor text. The app ratings and reviews are considered for app.

Social Signals and Download Stats:The Google also consider it that how much audiences are going to engage on social media with your content.  The more engagement means the more social signals will generate. The social signals play an active part for good ranking. On the other hand the same thing become a catalyst in terms of downloading numbers.

Conclusion – Goals:

In conclusion, we would like to comment that both SEO and ASO are the branch of marketing. It means both purpose is to promote your final product. In SEO the product nature is website where we have to achieve the benchmark of organic traffic means traffic drive directly from search engines. On the other hand, at ASO we have to deal with App Product as well as you can’t use the App until it download at your smart phone. So here the benchmark for success is set as “Number of App Downloads”.

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