Great Tips to Score Well in GRE


Getting a good score in GRE can be quite challenging. If you wish to master this competitive examination, you need to be well prepared. There are tons of strategies and tips that people follow for acing this high-end test.

It is always best to start with a quality preparation course to gather a full-proof knowledge. Find the best among GRE coaching institutes in Delhi that offers you the help you need. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the most useful tips that can help you get a good score in GRE.

Tackle Multiple Blanks

The GRE Text Completion part of the exam will need you to fill one or more blanks with the right work. It does not offer partial credit. But, this part doesn’t have to be the most difficult one. The sentences in the question offer many cues in the context that can help you find the worlds you need. When you are handling this kind of question, remember that there is no need to figure out the blanks in order. You can start with the easiest and go to the next one.

Eliminate Answer Choices

Questions from Sentence Equivalence offers you one blank where you get to choose two words from a given list. You have meet two criteria in order to get the right answer. In such a case, you need to use the power of elimination. It comes in extremely handy. If it doesn’t make sense, you need to eliminate the options. Do the same with all the words and you will be able to find the right answer to the questions.

Map the Passage

Even before you take this test, you have done enough practice in your whole life when it comes to writing papers and taking tests. In the Reading Comprehension part, you need to read differently. If the passage is chemistry oriented, it doesn’t mean that the test in on chemistry. The test is all about reading and you need to keep that in mind and not the context of the passage.

Keep the main idea of the passage in mind, the structure, and the opinions the passage has been describing. Taking notes could be useful in engaging you in active reading. Most of the GRE training in Delhi provides adequate practice to master the skill of reading appropriately.

Don’t Calculate, but Compare

In case of questions dealing with Quantitative Comparison, you will be given two quantities that need to be compared. One can be greater than the other, the same, or where the relationship cannot be established. The choices are same in all the questions, so you can memorize them. Also, remember that they are not asking for the value. Therefore, do not waste your precious time in calculating.

Pick Numbers

The Problem Solving Part is quite similar to the math questions that most of the people have solved in school. The information given in most questions are quite abstract. Make sure that you apply the number properties rules appropriately.

Make sure that you follow these tips in order to ace this high-end entrance examination.

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