Can CRM Software Help Your Startup Succeed?


Each year thousands of startups popup but only a few manage to achieve the true glory. Sure, a lot of them have developed good products to meet a critical need. But, having a good product is one thing and selling it is another. This signifies the fact that end users are a huge part of the startup ecosystem as they define the success or failure of a product or service.

Startups need to work aggressively to enforce customer-centric working philosophies. This will enable them to succeed and achieve sustainable growth in the highly competitive market. A CRM software can greatly help them attain this task. Unfortunately, a high percentage of entrepreneurs still hold the notion that customer relationship management software are like corporate jets or marble lobbies; good for large enterprises but too expensive for startups and small businesses.

How wrong they are:

This misconception arose in the early days of CRM when it was seven-figure expensive and required specialists for installation. The real poke in the eye was the early CRM software were awkwardly complex and poorly integrated. As a result, many employees never even bothered to use them. However, modern-day CRM solutions have evolved into highly usable software that can be expanded and customized according to a startup’s needs.

However, it’s critical for startups to choose the right platform as not all CRM software are created equal. For instance, Funnel CRM is exclusively created for startups and small businesses. It’s simple, affordable and offers all the features that can help a startup grow and succeed.

There are several other reasons why startups should use CRM software today. Here are three reasons startups should use this solution.

1. Less Work, More Sales

Sales CRM software not only track your deals but also help salespeople effortlessly organize their customer data with automation. When such data is organized automatically, your employees can divert their energies toward closing more deals rather wasting time on mundane tasks.

A reliable sales CRM software proficiently organizes the client data, so your employees can access it at any time without digging through their messy inbox or spreadsheet. Sure, data comes from various marketing channels but regardless of its source of origin and type, CRM enables salespeople to make the most of it and maximize their selling potential.

CRM also eliminates the addition of any duplicate contact records that may otherwise slip through the cracks. You can even organize contacts with tags and keep a history of previous deals for quick reference. Furthermore, you can record notes on customer profiles that can prove useful for remembering their birthdays, important information and important files.

2. Lead Capture Made Easy

A CRM is not just a way to manage customer information. Instead, modern-day CRMs are a combination of various features. For example, Funnel CRM let users create and embed web forms to their websites without any technical knowledge. It helps the startups capture leads they haven’t tried for. It makes them more efficient and better at selling.

New businesses cannot afford to lose even a single customer. To achieve their goal, they need to use every single sign of interest from their prospective clients. Web forms can greatly help in this regard. They capture your work-related queries of website visitors and give startup employees the opportunity to instantly reply. Countless studies have shown that the quicker you respond to a prospect the greater your chance of success.

Moreover, all these from web forms are directed into the customer database as Funnel CRM automatically create their profiles by fetching their information from the web forms. In contrast, manually updating customer information is an inefficient and time-consuming process. Unless it’s your core job.

3. Wow Customers with Professional Proposals

Every startup is launched to sustain in the long run. Perhaps, in the short run, a CRM software may not seem to be a good investment, but as your startup grows, the number of clients increase and scalability may become a concern, it can prove really useful.

For example, some of the best CRMs for startups can store a high number of contacts and generate well-formatted quotes/estimates/invoices/proposals that will leave a professional impression on your potential clients. You can put together rich messages in the form of quotes or estimates and add your logo or photo to wow the customers.

Many CRM users have drastically increased their rate of closing deals solely with this feature. These built-in proposal builders also allow you to set your desired currency, automatically calculate totals, add & format text, and set footer text, useful terms, additional links, etc. In brief, they’ll do all the hard work that salespeople hate.

Bottom Line

All in all, in its inception a new business must start functioning in a streamlined and efficient manner. Because startups cannot afford to let their potential clients walk away for a better service or product. With a CRM, your startup can find and retain existing clients by delighting them with outstanding service. This will give you an edge over your competition

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