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5 Major Website Design Mistakes that Nobody Tells You

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A website design mistake is a dead end for your sales. No matter how old, how unique your website design is, if it contains these following mistake, you probably have already lost plenty of the potential customers. Being a top-notch custom website design company, today we are going to share several tips from our vast experience of web design services to examine your site just to ensure if your website design is not making major website design mistakes that might hurt your business intensely.

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How Long It Take to Load?.

We are living in a short-attention-span era with people lesser tolerance and patience. What do you expect to have when your site takes ages to load? A visitor looks good while paying; not waiting – therefore if your site takes even a 1 minute to load, you are undoubtedly affecting not only your website performance but also losing potential customers that are looking forward to a business via your site.

The ideal time to load site is less than three second. With a custom website, design enables site increases site efficiency by allowing data to compress and optimize accordingly. Therefore, if you believe that internet speed is the only way that creates hindrance in website load time, then you are surely making a mistake. Consequently, we are suggesting some of the page load time websites that will not only help you detect the load time, but will also notify the reasons why your site is taking too long to load.

  • PageSpeed Insights
  • GTmetrix
  • Dareboost

Complicate or Too Simple Website?

Many businesses believe simplicity is the best policy when it comes to design a custom website. Which we believe is a one-sided perception of minimalism. A website is not only about complex and simple layout, but it is also based on what your target audience is expecting to have on your site. So regardless of how complex or simple style you may opt, if a website does not convey proper information, it might force visitors to skip your site and exist.

How do you Communicate Visitors?

Let’s say if your company provide customer support but lacks a short inquiry form, quick chat attendants and core information on the website. How would your website visitors communicate and experience the potential of the product? Similarly, there can be several aspects such as information, pricing details your website design might not display it well. Consequently, your visitors will leave and would not effort to email or call to mention as to why they are moving once after visiting your site.

Web Content Length& Structure

Either it’s about selling or boosting your site ranking, web copy/website content is an integral party to support your business. If you have done proper research of your target audience, you will know what exactly your visitors are searching on your site. Therefore, use effective words, but do not clutter the site with content. People rarely read the whole description on their site, and mostly they speedily read with skimming technique. Moreover, if you are working on search engine optimization strategy, there can be many ways to design a site without saturating site with keywords and optimized content.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Call-To action buttons are placed on landing pages and website that help your virtual site to drive sales. Buttons like ‘Try Now’, ‘Try for Free’ and ‘Get Discount Here’ grasp attention instantly which is why they are handled and studies carefully before designing flawlessly to boost sales. A recent example of quality CTAs would be of Firefox that changed the copy of CTA from Download Here to Download Free which instantly boosts sales by making it clear to the audience whether it is free to download or not.

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By – Jenna Dove | Digital Marketing Executive at Logo Design Valley

Jenna Dove: Digital Marketing Executive at Logo Design Valley, Dallas – Texas. We help established businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to get started with professional custom website design, logo, branding and much more in affordable price package.




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