4 Useful Tips to Maintain the Car AC


Get the Car AC serviced regularly and it’ll help ensure maximum passenger comfort especially during hot summer days. Also, check out some tips to maintain your car AC.

Working up a sweat is good for – but in the gym not in your car. When there’s a problem with the car AC, most of you will feel it right away. But how long do you put up with it? Honestly, every comfort in the automobile comes with a particular cost. It’s better to get repairs done on the initial stage. If it gets severe, the cost increases astonishingly.  Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to keep your car air conditioning system well maintained, so it helps prevent the expensive repairs ahead.

Honestly, most of you rely on the air conditioning system to keep cool on the long & hot commutes. So to keep things running properly especially your car AC, here’re a few air conditioner maintenance tips you should get along with. So let’s dive in;

Keep Air & Water Out of the System

One of the primary reasons behind the AC failure is water & air in the system. Keep in mind! The system doesn’t work well with air in it. When water enters into the system, it can cause rust damaging the AC components. In fact, the refrigerant can also leaks out reducing the efficiency. Eventually, the system works harder to cool the air. So make sure to periodically get the air evacuated out of the air conditioning system. This way, an adequate amount of refrigerant stays in the system optimizing the performance and enhancing longevity.

Year-Round Lubrication

It’s imperative for the motorists to run the air conditioner regularly so that it lubricates itself alongside keeping the seals from drying out. Did you know that seals can crack & leads to the leaks? Your owner’s manual has all the necessary recommendations for how often to service your car AC. Some service centers even have this information as part of their computer databases.

Run it regularly

Even the most expensive car won’t start in the first ignition if you keep it untouched in the garage for 1 month. Same is the case with your air conditioner. Even if you don’t need it at all due to pleasant or cold weather, make sure you run the Air Conditioner once a week for at least 10 minutes. Choose the coldest setting with the highest fan. Running the car AC positively impact other components of your car. Like running, it will help maintain the gas pressure alongside keeping the compressor working correctly.

Get Your Cooling System Serviced

In case you notice that your car AC is not working properly, get it checked at the best Car service in Dubai. Experts will inspect the Air conditioning system and offer evacuation & recharge services as well. If you keep up with these regular and affordable expenses, it’ll keep you from the expensive repairs in future.

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