3 Ways to Generate Traffic and Increase Sales for your Ecom Site with Pinterest

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As a small business manager, you can feel like pulling in all directions when trying to direct traffic to your e-commerce site. When it comes to social media, you have to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, your blog, and in the middle of it all, you need to take care of your e-shop. While attacking a new network may seem daunting, Pinterest is well worth it, especially if you’re selling a product – what most of you do!

Here are ten ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your e-shop site:

Raise the curtain

People want to know how the things are done, from investors who see the evolution of a prototype product to marketing, to making-off videos of your favorite TV shows. Whether it’s just you working at home, or your employees working together to prepare the latest orders, show your Pinterest fans what’s happening inside your company and who’s doing it.

Reuse Content

Save time by pinning photos and videos you already have. The images you used on your blog or that you took at the last craft fair you attended are warm on your hard drive and just waiting to be shared. Create a chart for your brand’s story that shows your business growing from a passion to a store, and share photos of past products to show how far you’ve come.

Involve Your Fans

Use your e-mail list, your list of customers and social networks to get your business on your Pinterest boards. If you’re new to social media, remember that you have a personal network of friends and family that will be happy to support you. Ask your fans to share photos of your product at work to provide a wider variety of interesting images to your paintings. Let your fans who do not use Pinterest know that you’d like to highlight their support.

Are you still worried about how to drive traffic and sales from Pinterest, and then here are some more tips for you.

Create Thematic Tables

Your fans know where to find you on Pinterest. You must now retain them. Build thematic tables to trigger a new interest. If your product is jewelry or clothing, ask your fans to share photos of them wearing your creations in front of recognizable landscapes.

Everything does not turn around you

Even if you have thousands of products, you and your fans will end up running out of photos. Let your fans express their personal style by making charts about them. These can be photos that showcase their passion for technology or fashion, or anything that may be related to the spirit of your brand. The goal is to have new content and to keep your followers coming back to see what’s new.

You can also Run Pinterest Ads

You can drive traffic through Pinterest Ads. Specially ecommerce sites can grow their business using Pinterest. I have worked with many interior designing companies and have got them valuable leads using Pinterest.

Where to start from?

Hire a social media marketing agency to take care of your Pinterest ads. Join a digital marketing training center in your city. If you are in Bangalore, you can try contacting EdigitalAcademy.


If traditional sources of social media work like advertising, then Pinterest are the seller who helps customers find what they really want. Small and medium-sized businesses can drown in the millions of voices on Twitter and be squeezed into Facebook’s news feed. On Pinterest, you can develop something special that big companies cannot do so easily: adapt your social media strategy to express the personal style of your brand.


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